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The Modern Home for AI Innovators.

We are the first scalable and technology driven consulting platform focussed on Data Science & AI. With our platform and community of freelancers we bring experts and companies together.

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The smartest platform to start & scale AI projects.

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What Worksuite Software can do for you

Find your next freelance expert to scale your data science capabilities.

Hire a complete team to start building data science projects

Use the Worksuite software to share your project with the perfect data science freelancer

At Worksuite you will find:

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Data Architect

Machine Learning Engineer

Product Owner

Project Manager

UX Designer

Adoption Facilitator

Analytics Translator

Chief Data Officer

Sr. Data Scientist
Python, TensorFlow, Scala, Hadoop.

Previously Shell & RaboBank. Artificial Intelligence, Project Manager, Trainer.

Analytics Translator
Project Management, Translating business into models.

Chatbots, Content Analytics, Fraud Detection, Credit Risk Management, IoT.

Hire for any scope

Optimize your current model, start a new model from scratch or integrate and scale a model in your enterprise.

Set up teams, apply an adoption strategy, identify new business cases or pilot a new model.

Find a data science consultant to evaluate your data models or create the best approach scale data science within your company.

Using AI to identify AI talents

We have developed an AI driven screening process to identify the best talent. We are experts in our fields and we are looking for great problem solvers with passion and drive - the types of people we want to work with (and learn from).

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An optimal approach to Productizing Artificial Intelligence

Insights in ING's Advanced Analytics WB department strategy towards scaling and implementing Artificial Intelligence.


SciSports; the next unicorn in the world of football?


Modernization within NS: a strong data policy for better personal travel advice.

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