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Hire expert freelancers to scale your data science capabilities.

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We reinvented the hiring process to bring together employers and data science freelancers

Direct contact

When a client reaches out, you will get directly in contact with them, and not via a recruiter.

One complete platform

Our database is filled with pre-screened candidates. Employers can search for specific skills or techniques.

Quality assurance

We developed 20 min-during digital assessments for: Data Science - Machine Learning - Data Analysis - Programming - Computer Science.

At Worksuite you will find:

Data Scientist

Data Engineer

Data Architect

Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Consultant

Head of Data Science

Head of Machine Learning

Project Manager / Scrum Master

Why WorkSuite?

We were tired of the inefficiƫnt way how employers get in touch with candidates. Recruitment companies tend to be unclear about marges, are not transparant about projects and are not scalable due to their limited resources. With WorkSuite, employers can get access to a database with pre-screened candidates and invite them to see their projects. Competitor sensitive information stays safe and time is won due to the shorter process. Besides, we automated the invoice system.

How it works

1. Sign up

Tell us what you are looking for.

2. Search candidates

We set up a call and give you instructions about how Worksuite works.

3. Invite candidates

When you have found a candidate that matches your criteria, it is time to show them the project.

4. Start hiring

Get the freelancer onboard and start with the project.

1. Create a profile

Tell us who you are and what project you are looking for.

2. Complete screening

We set up a call and give you an online assessment, when needed.

3. Receive projects

When your profile is complete you will become visible for hiring companies.

4. Start a project

Get paid within 24 hours after your invoice is send.

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