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The next operating system for airports will be AI driven.

Using AI to optimize processes that enables people to fly in a more easier and faster way to destinations.

Possible AI-powered Applications for the aviation industry

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent delay of airplanes by predicting outage by using smart sensors.

Process optimization

Shorten the time between landing and takeoff by optimizing processes using data science methods.

Dynamic pricing

Using time-series methods and big data analytics to calculate how a product’s price affects demand, accounting for a wide variety of factors including competition prices and omni channels.

Supply Chain Analytics

Within the logistics and service industries, AI tools are ingesting the raw data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, combining it with location intelligence, and delivering new kinds of services to meet increasing customer expectations.

Autonomous ground services

The AI operating system for all operations near airplanes at the airport. Using AI to manage self driving machines that handle all the ground work.

Crew management

Predict possible shortage of crew by using AI.

77% of executives choose AI as a core strategy of their business

AI will have a significant impact on the aviation industry because it creates tangible results fast.

Key components

Air transport, airport logistics, crowd management, flight management, crew management, traffic lanes, flight pricing strategy, e-commerce.

Global footprint

2% of all employees in the world are active in the aviation industry.


Increasing demand for sustainable air traffic. Improving ground transportation. Recession would influence demand in flights.

What value can bring Data Science & AI to your aviation company?

Data capturing

Using smart cameras, nodes and IoT sensors, you can gather more information about the developments of your goods.

Machine Learning

Using deep learning techniques and image recognition, you automatically convert your data to actionable insights.

The data ecosystem

Connecting data sources from different stakeholders in the value chain you can create an ecosystem and profit from large scale data analysis.

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