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Head of Growth (Hacking) - Worksuite


What do we ask?

Experience with setting up an automated client journey pipeline (digital)

Experience with Digital Marketing

Sales experience

Setting out Growth Hacking Strategy

How does our work environment look like?


Amsterdam (Oosterpark)

Young innovative atmosphere

What do you get?

€2k - €3k or possible option for shares (5-15%)

At least 24 hours a week

Chance to build up a company

What are we building?

The gig economy is rising. More and more freelance platforms are successfully deployed, for now in the lower area of the employment industry. Worksuite is the first platform that focusses on the top 20% consultants in the field of Data Science. With the Worksuite platform, freelancers are able to directly interact with projects and clients. Partners/Directors are able to create their own project and invite team members without the need of a middlemen or consultancy company. Worksuite helps professionals in becoming freelancer in order to live up to the changing demands of the employer: more freedom, more control and more diversity. The product is a platform (website) where demand and offer come together.

The job

Setting op Growth Hacking Strategy and execute (build the loop) 0
Create content for the loop 0

Top demanded skills

Top demanded personality

2 years experience with Growth Hacking and succesfully created a marketing automation tool to attract more clients.

Create blogs, video's, emails that will be used in your growth hacking automation tool.

After setting up the loop, we ask you to help with the sales (attach clients and freelancers to the platform).

You need to connect different SaaS solutions to keep the platform autonomously running.

Being creative to always see a solution for a problem and have the motivation to build the solution.

Being able to set out the vision of the Growth Hacking plan and stick to it.

You are passionated about everything that has to do with Digital Marketing and continuously develop your skills in this field.

The project

We are looking for a growth hacker that is responsible for building and maintaining the marketing automation tool. You can choose one of the existing frameworks and customize it. You also think about advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc) and visit clients when needed.

As a Head of Growth you will have experience in the following:
- 1 - 5 years experience in digital marketing and automation software
- Sales experience B2B and B2C
- English speaking is demanded (Dutch is a pré)
- You have a strong motivation in building something that will be yours
- You are able to set out a clear roadmap for building the automation tool and are experienced enough to know which obstacles might come when building it
- You have a (strong) feeling for design
- You are able to keep your head cool when you are facing unexpected problems Want to know more about our roadmap, the funding team, investments or other plans? Feel free to contact us!

Progress Worksuite

We started Worksuite in august 2018 and currently have 30 freelancers registered to our platform. In the next months we will start to develop the platform, start growth hacking strategies to get to 200 registered freelancers and 20 happy clients.

Founding team completed 0
Plan for next 2 years 0
Infrastructure platform builded 0
Created sales pipeline 0
Active running marketing campagnes 0

Over Worksuite

Worksuite, opgericht in 2018, is een netwerk voor zelfstandige analytische experts. Al onze consultants zijn zeer gepassioneerd door data. Wij zijn actief als een virtueel bedrijf en zijn toegewijd aan het leveren van uitzonderlijke analytische adviesdiensten zonder de overheadkosten en kosten van traditionele adviesbureaus. Onze consultants werken samen om best practices te ontwikkelen en we bieden de beste oplossingen, methodologieën, tools en applicaties die beschikbaar zijn. Ons platform en onze community bieden klanten on-demand toegang tot de allerbeste geavanceerde data science-expertise. Huur een consultant in, stimuleer uw projectteam of laat ons uw project van begin tot eind beheren.

1 - 10

Aantal werknemers



28 jaar

Gemiddelde leeftijd