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The next generation of clever transportation

Artificial intelligence will create new dimensions within the logistics industry. The possibilities are endless, such as drone delivery and autonomous warehouses. However, we question the adoption rate of AI, BlockChain and IoT in this industry; it will take time to let us humans get used to the new way of working.

Possible AI-powered Applications for the Logistics industry

Demand forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting and capacity planning allows companies to be more proactive.

Image recognition

Automatically detect damage on products and transport vehicles using image recognition.

Self driving vehicles (drones, cars)

Using Internet of Things to connect different devices and making delivery autonomous.

Supply Chain Analytics

Within the logistics and service industries, AI tools are ingesting the raw data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, combining it with location intelligence, and delivering new kinds of services to meet increasing customer expectations.

Optimal route calculations (for cars)

Using location intelligence and live crowd management, optimal route calculations can be made.

Smart warehouses

Just like the autonomous warehouse of Amazon, all warehouses can be automated and working autonomously.

What will the adoption rate be of autonomous delivery in our industry?

People need to get used to incremental changes in their daily habits. Making a process 10x more efficient doesn't automatically result in a better service to customers.

Key components

Supply chain & logistics, Demand forecasting, Stores & sales, Location Intelligence, Product assortiment, Source identification.

Global footprint

8% of all employees in the world are active in the logistics industry. Turnover from the retail industry is $12 trillion, 7% of total consumer spending.


Available labour, Regulatory developments, Buying behaviours, Economic growth, Adoption Rate.

What value can bring Data Science & AI to your logistics company?

Data capturing

Using smart cameras, nodes and IoT sensors, you can gather more information about the developments of your goods.

Machine Learning

Using deep learning techniques and image recognition, you automatically convert your data to actionable insights.

The data ecosystem

Connecting data sources from different stakeholders in the value chain you can create an ecosystem and profit from large scale data analysis.

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