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Machine Learning in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Next to the construction, agriculture and automotive industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is starting to adopt AI techniques to improve their business. The value chain is comparable to other industries and therefor the succes of AI applications can somehow be copied.

Possible AI-powered Applications for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Product Design optimization

Using Bayesian optimization techniques, you can design a polymer 40 times faster than by conventional approaches.

Product simulation

Rather than testing a molecular composition, you can use AI to simulate new structures of chemical constructions and predict the effect.

Proces optimization

Using AI to optimize complex production processes and downsize the overall time to produce, encompassing every step from purchasing to manufacturing to sales.

Using a Bayesian optimization, you can design a polymer 40 times faster than using a conventional approach.

The time to discover relevant or new module structures could be decreased using data science technologies, such as a bayesian technique.

Key components

Focus area's: Basic chemicals, Lifesciences, Specialty chemicals & Consumer products. Major industrial customers include rubber and plastic products, textiles, apparel, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and primary metals.

Global footprint

Chemicals are a $3 trillion global enterprise, and the EU and U.S. chemical companies are the world's largest producers. Chemicals are used a lot of different sectors; including agriculture manufacturing, construction, and service industries. According to World Economic Forum, total global chemical sales in 2014 amounted to $3.5 trillion and is expected to rise to $6.9 trillion by 2030.


Energy and feedstocks, mineral resources, cyber attacks,

What value can bring Data Science & AI to your chemical or pharmaceutical company?

Data capturing

Using smart cameras, nodes and IoT sensors, you can gather more information about the developments of your goods.

Machine Learning

Using deep learning techniques and image recognition, you automatically convert your data to actionable insights.

The data ecosystem

Connecting data sources from different stakeholders in the value chain, you can create an ecosystem and profit from large scale data analysis.

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