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Use the experience of top-tier consultants to analyze your organizations performance and strategy.

Pre-crafted advisory packages to maximize performances

Connect with Data Science leaders to get the best advice on your strategy.

  • €10k 2 weeks
    • Data Science Readiness Scan
    • Wat you get:

      • evaluation on your data sources, quality and structure of your data
      • evaluation on your organizational structure & team setups
      • roadmap to start Data Science practice and cost estimation
  • €1299 2 days
    • Model validation
    • Wat you get:

      • quality score on your 3 of your data science models; structure, trustworthiness, accuracy
      • consult from a senior data scientist on your data science model
  • €5k 5 days
    • Business case identification
    • Wat you get:

      • Interviews with stakeholders
      • Benchmark of competitors business cases
      • 3 potential business cases, thoroughly explained
      • Roadmap to execute
  • €10k 2 weeks
    • Company Traineeship Roadmap
    • Wat you get:

      • Plan and roadmap to start a Traineeship in Data Analytics within your company • Hiring plan
      • Customized learning plan
      • Total budget estimation
  • €20k 2 weeks
    • Advanced AI Architecture plan
    • Wat you get:

      • Evaluation of your Data Science architecture
  • €15k 2 weeks
    • AI Organizational Structure Plan
    • Wat you get:

      • Evaluation of the structure and roles in your teams
      • Evaluation of communication methods between stakeholders, teams and division
      • Plan of a new setup of teams and roles

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Area's you need to take in mind before investing in AI

Start from the right perspective.

Our consultants help you in answering the following questions:

  • What does your data fundament look like?
  • How is your data structured?
  • How do you identify use cases?
  • How do you help your employers in this culture shift?
  • What does your data governance look like?
  • How do you attract and retain new Data Science talents?

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