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Frequently Asked Questions for Freelancers and Employers

What is Worksuite?

Worksuite is a freelance platform for Data Scientists, Engineers and Architects. We focus on the Dutch market and help clients in getting the best talents to scale their data science capacities.

How does Worksuite Work?

Our process is easy and clear. Freelancers can signup for free and when they get through our screening process they will enter the platform. Each freelancers gets a personal profile and can show their qualities to a network of potential hiring managers. When a connection is made, the freelancer will have an interview with the client. When the hiring manager decides to hire the freelancer, Worksuite manages the payment transaction and will generate an invoice on behalf of the name of the freelancer.

What is the margin of Worksuite?

The freelancer determines their hourly rate. We have a standard margin of 15%. That means that hiring companies will not pay extra recruitment fee's and only pay the hourly rate that the freelancers determines.

Is Worksuite a recruitment company?

No. We are not actively recruiting candidates. Candidates can sign up an decide which project will suit their preferences.

What about the DBA Regulatory?

The DBA regulatory is postponed to 2021. Worksuite believes that this law will have no effect on freelance projects in the case where the hourly rate is higher than €75, the length is shorter than 12 months and the work is highly knowledge intensive. However, we advice you to look into the details of this regulatory.

Who can join Worksuite?

We focus on freelance Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Science Directors, Data Science Managers, Head of Data Science and Data Architects.

How does Worksuite screen freelancers?

Screening process contains the following elements: study background, years of experience, business acumen, technical skills, knowledge and experience of data science/engineering toolings, knowledge of the domain and communication skills.

How does the invoice process work?

If the freelancer agrees, will we send an invoice from out the name of the company of the freelancer. We work with a thirdparty who manages and sends the invoice to the financial department of hiring companies.

How long will it take before invoices are paid?

Normally 30-60 days. However, you freelancers can choose for an option which costs 3% of the hourly rate, and will transfer the money to their bank account within 24 hours after the invoice is send.

How can I delete my account?

Very easy. Just send us an email ( and we will delete it the same day.