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Worksuite is a Dutch focused freelance platform focussed on Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. 

Skip the recruiter, let the client come to you.

On Worksuite, we work with companies who hire freelancers for their Data Science team. This includes Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Architects. After you complete your registration, you will receive projects directly from clients, without the interference of a middlemen.

1. Create a profile

Tell us who you are and what project you are looking for.

2. Complete screening

We set up a call and give you an online assessment, when needed.

3. Receive projects

When your profile is complete you will become visible for hiring companies.

4. Start a project

Get paid within 24 hours after your invoice is send.

Work with Data Science applications that you like

Fraud Detection
Customer Analytics
Recommender Systems
Geographic Analytics
Advanced Text Mining
Predictive Maintenance
Risk Modelling
Marketing Intelligence

We acquire Data Science projects so that you can focus on your performance

Be part of an exclusive network and work for inspiring companies.

Data Scientist
Artificial Intelligence, Data Science/Engineering, Software Developer, Presentation Skills
Data Scientist
Machine Learning, Price Prediction, Customer Analytics
Data Scientist
Personalized Recommendations, Education Tech, Customer Analytics.
Data Scientist
Predictive Analyses, Machine Learning Applications, Data Engineering.

Calculate your monthly salary

This tool helps you calculate your salary as a freelancer in the field of Data Science in The Netherlands. Freelancers are obligated to be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK). As a freelancer you pay between 30-40% tax (depending on the yearly worked hours and hourly rate) and you will receive tax (BTW) that you have to return to the government. This tool is an estimation based on Dutch market data.

On average, fulltime working freelancers declare 1580 hours per year

Time is allocated as following: 77% assignment, 5% training, 2% sick, 10% holiday, 6% between assignments

Need help with tax returns? We are here to help.

*No rights can be derived from this calculation.


Hourly Rate


Monthly Revenue ex BTW


Total earnings per month ex BTW (Worksuite holds in 15%)


Total netto earnings per month ex BTW (Approx. 40% tax)

A selection of the technologies we use

Why freelancers choose to work with us:

Invoices on your name

We work with a third party invoice system so that you will receive invoices on your own name and will be seen as a freelancer by the government.

Get paid within 24h

We make sure you will get paid within 24 hour after the invoice is send to the client.

Direct contact

When a client reaches out, you will get directly in contact with them, and not via a recruiter.

Free support

Your Talent Manager will help you through the screening process and give you guidance before, during and after the project.

100% transparancy

We are 100% transparant about the hiring process, margins and hourly rates.

Awesome profile page

We generate an awesome profile page so that you can show your skills in the best way to clients.

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100% transparancy about the project and margins

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