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With everything we do, we try to challenge the social standard. We want to think innovatively and make the consultancy sector more efficient. Our platform is beautifully designed and easy to use. In addition, we happen to know everything about Data Science Consultancy.

Why worksuite?

As we experiences ourself, people want to have more freedom in their life and carefully choose the next steps in their career. Besides, companies want a reliable way to get in touch with top talent. We invented Worksuite to empower people and organizations to exchange expertise. Our mission is to embrace strengths and make each other stronger. With WorkSuite, employers can get access to a platform with experts and exchange knowledge and projects. Competitor sensitive information stays safe and time is won due to the shorter process.

Our vision

Making the world aware of the added value of data science & artificial intelligence and contribute to more sustainable growth opportunities.

Our mission

To facilitate an environment where clients and freelancers can exchange knowledge and projects in a trusted and user-friendly manner, where quality is of paramount importance.

Joey Davelaar

Head of Growth & Sales - Partner

Joey is specialized in growing startups to scale-ups and uses Growth Hacking methodes to realize cost efficient growth. He previously worked at VanMoof and Startupbootcamp & The Talent Institute & Innoleaps.

Tim Jansen

Head of Data Science & Talents - Partner

Tim is an entrepreneurial Data Scientist and the link between technical requirements and business propositions. Tim previously worked at KPMG and contains a MSc in Data Science (cum laude)..

Douwe Mulder

Head of Platform - CTO

Douwe is specialized in building scalable technical solutions, varying from a complete infrastructure to specific applications. Douwe started several companies before and was one of the early adopters of Blockchain Technology.

Derk Disselhoff

Head of Strategy & Analytics Translator - Founder

Derk is the founder of Worksuite and is specialized in developing new disruptive business models in the field of Data Science & AI.

Steven Vossepoel

Informal Advisor

Steven Vossepoel is een voormalige partner van McKinsey en gespecialiseerd in advies voor ondernemers mbt groeiplannen en due diligence.

Sjoerd Rietberg


Sjoerd is the former co-CEO of Flow Traders and has build the company from 5 employers to +400.

David Henskens


David is the Managing Partner of Van Beuningen & Partners, a firm specialized in recruitment.


Learning is our most important asset. By helping you to learn, we can stimulate your performances and achievements.


We strongly believe that technology can empower human beings in improving life quality.


We believe combining learning and technology leads to growth.



The Legal Group helps entrepreneurs with labor law, corporate law, intellectual property law and real estate law.


Finqle is a firm specialized in innovative factoring solutions. Together we work on a smart invoice system that can be directly integrated to the ERP system of hiring companies, decreasing the workload of onboarding and hourly states significantly.


Elify is a skill assessment platform for data and machine intelligence job suites. 

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