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About Worksuite

With everything we do, we try to challenge the social standard. We want to think innovatively and make the consultancy sector more efficient. Our platform is beautifully designed and easy to use. In addition, we happen to know everything about Data Science Consultancy.

How Worksuite relates to the market

Worksuite is much more than a freelance platform. We are specialists in the field of Data Science and we think along with our clients about their issues. Our experts have experience with various applications (such as Customer Analytics, Fraud Detection, Risk Modeling) and can offer a complete solution for a problem. Since we have a larger scale than usual data science boutiques, we have access to knowledge from more experts.


Derk previously worked at Quantillion, a Data Science solution & consultancy company, where he helped companies innovate using data-driven technologies. He has gained several years of experience in the field of Startups, Recruitment, Digital Marketing and Data Science. In addition, he developed various Traineeship programs to train Digital and Data Science talents. He is also co-founder of and STOX Energy Socks.

Advisory Board

Steven Vossepoel is a former partner of McKinsey an currently the owner of Vossepoel Bedrijfsadvies, a specialized consultancy firm that helps entrepreneurs to increase the value of their business faster. Expertise: commercial due diligence and growth plans.



Come by and say hello!

Our office is in a nice location at the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. Here we are working every day to improve the website and ensure that the platform fits the wishes of our customers as well as possible. That is why we like to hear what you think can be improved or what you think is right. Send us a message via the chat or at or visit us at the office. We’d love to hear your opinion!

Tel: +31646129147


Adres: Mauritskade 55C, 1092 AD Amsterdam