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Data Scientist

What do we ask?

Experience with Machine Learning Applications

Experience with Python, R, SQL

Experience with SAS, Hadoop or Spark, Azure Data Lake, HDInsights.

Experience with Data Engineering and Vizualisation

What is the working atmosphere?

Energetic young environment

Heerhugowaard (direct line from AMS - 45 min)

Senior experience in the team

What do you get?

€90 - €100 per hour, depending on your experience

40 hours a week

9 months

Who are you?

Are you the Data Scientist who provides our automotive clients with thrilling insights and bring our data science ambition to the next level? This could be your new job if you know how to get the maximum out of our databases.

Innovation is key in our team and being an expert on data science, you are the one to make the difference. We challenge you to craft data science with VWE according to your ideas and view and to develop models that are distinctive in the automotive market. Do you have the guts to take up these challenge?

The job

Develop Machine Learning Models 0
Visualize results and present at clients/internal stakeholders 0
Give training about programming and machine learning to the team 0

Top demanded skills

Top demanded personality

Your passion in data mining, artificial intelligence, algorithms and R of Python (e.g.: recommender systems based on boosted trees or random forest and segmentation models)

Preferable you have meaningful experience with Azure Data Lake / Blob storage, Databricks, Spark, Data factory, HDInsights and/or Hadoop

ou have demonstrable experience with SQL and SAS Visual Analytics for dashboards

Being creative to always see a solution for a problem and have the motivation to build the solution.

Being able to speak about Data Science like it is your passion

We are looking for someone that has affinity with our branche

The project

Over 11.000 automotive clients use our tools every single day. We stand for factual and complete data and are proud of our authoritative position in the market. You will find over 10 million vehicles and over 1,000 unique characteristics per vehicle in our databases. Let’s say to you: toys for boys and girls, right?

Being an experienced Data Scientist, that is something we do not have to explain to you: you will be able to match your skills with the above mentioned data and will make your conclusion by a clear analysis.

Progress VWE

The company starting shifting towards a data-driven organization in 2004. From then, VWE started to add external data sources which resulted in a huge pile of data: VWE has information about 1200 characteristics of approximately 12.5 million vehicles in the Netherlands. VWE recently made a change in the company and made data science one of the core strategies of their organization. After implementing this change the company is now able to predict the value of different occasions.

Team complete 0
Plan for next 4 years 0
Data Science as a core business of the company 0
Developing machine leanring models 0

Who you will be working with

Sr. Project Manager Data Science
Manager Data & Insights
Medior Data Scientist
3 Business Intelligence Specialists
Flexteam of 2-4 Data Scientists

The origins of VWE

There are 3 main propositions that VWE has:


It acts as a marketplace for secondhand cars and has a physical marketplace in Beverwijk along with an online platform.

MyVWE Platform:

This platform acts as an operating system for car dealerships and using this platform they can easily manage various tasks such as APK’s, import/export documentation, digital advertisements, inventory etc.


This is a mobile application launched by the company which allows users to easily find and view information about different cars.

Ton Vestering has been in the trade for forty years. In those four decades, his modest car firm in De Goorn has grown into a leading data provider with twelve branches across the country. Today, VWE helps the car industry with smart online tools so that companies can concentrate on the matters that really matter to them. VWE was created in 1993 from a car company and knows the needs and wishes of other car companies better than anyone. If you work in the car industry, then you know that the many administrative processes often take a lot of time. This undermines the primary process. VWE helps the car industry with smart online tools so that companies can concentrate on the aspects that really matter to them.


Aantal werknemers



30 jaar

Gemiddelde leeftijd


The importance of becoming a Data-Driven Organization for VWE